The Many Kinds of Government Grants for Schools

In the United States, applying for college grants is much easier compared to other countries, just because there are lots of college grants available, thereby increasing the chances of acquiring a grant. But just the same, the process of applying for a grant is just as difficult.

If you are serious about getting an educational grant fast, then you must consider looking for government grants for schools. The U.S. Government provides all kinds of government grants for schools and it is only up to the student to make use of these grants that can be found anywhere. First you have the federal college grants, the Pell grants, the Academic Competitive Grants or the ACG and the National SMART Grant. Not only that, you also can get access to state college grants, and if you are a minority, there are lots of minority grants to choose from. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Federal college grants are given directly by the U. S. Government itself to less privileged students who have the ability to finish studying but simply are encumbered by “financial need”. Academic excellence can also factor in, but most of the time, underprivileged students are preferred for these programs.

Pell grants are actually a kind of federal grant, but with stricter requirements: first, the applicant must be a U.S. citizen, possesses a high school diploma, and can demonstrate financial need based on his or his family’s income. There are also a lot of factors to consider in Pell grants, one of which is the student’s expected family contribution, and the cost of tuition of his college of choice. Pell grants are one of the most common government grants for schools.

An Academic Competitiveness Grant is endowed to any student who has shown academic competitiveness during his first few years of post-secondary study. That is, if the student has taken a rigorous course    load in his studies in the last years of high school, he becomes eligible for this grant.

National SMART Grants are government grants for schools that are given to students who are taking courses specifically related to science, mathematics, and engineering. This grant is quite demanding since you need to maintain a 3.0 GPA after acquiring this grant for it to continue.

State college grants and scholarships are the bomb in educational assistance – there are over 1.5 million scholarships and grants for students sincerely looking to finish their education. Not only that, some of these grants do not put too much weight on academic achievements: individuals can qualify for any kind of grant depending on his gender, race, sports abilities, artistic talent, field of study, and financial need.