GSA Research Grant

There are lots of grants that are free for almost all students, but some are also exclusive. One of the most prestigious of all exclusive grants is the GSA Research Grant. It is funded primarily by the Geological Society of America or the GSA, and the GSA Research Grant is set up to promote the geological sciences and to speed up the research and development of such scientific field.

The main role of the GSA grants is to provide support for students already taking up master’s and doctoral thesis or research in the field of geology and earth sciences. The good news is it is not limited to the United States alone – the GSA offers funding to countries such as Canada, Mexico and the Central Americas as well. And they do an exceptional job in offering the GSA Research Grant – this year, fifty three percent of the students in the geological sciences have already received partial funding.

The GSA Research Grant enables access to areas of importance in the geological sciences, including the academic, governmental, economic and industrial aspect of earth science. However, for you to apply for a GSA Research Grant, it is required that you should be a member of the GSA first. Also, it is only limited to US, Canada, or Mexico universities, and you have to be taking a geological science course. Also, you must be enrolled in a university within these countries to be eligible.

Don’t worry, joining the Geological Society of America is not really that difficult, and you can apply either by paper or through the internet, and you only have to pay a small fee for the membership.

A final, tiny, yet necessary requirement is a valid e-mail address. In this time where computers are essential to almost everything we do, it is safe to assume that you already own an e-mail address, so you don’t need to worry yourself about this. If in the rarest case that you still do not have an e-mail address, you can look up mailing sites like,, and other websites that offer email services. It’s free, and it’s easy to sign up for an email account.

The best thing about applying for a GSA Research Grant is that no transcript from your previous school is required, which makes things a whole lot easier. It is also a lot easier for minorities, such as women, the physically handicapped, and ethnic minorities, to apply for a GSA Research Grant because GSA encourages minorities to apply and will prefer them over the average applicant.