Minority Grants – The Hippest Financial Aid Today

Minority grants are one of the most common types of grants in the United States. In fact, it is the most popular and the most accessible kind of grant. Because there are lots of minorities, it follows that there are lot of minority organizations giving grants for their own minorities. This has helped the United States education system a lot in terms of diversity in the student population.

The thing about minority grants is that, almost everyone can fall into a minority of some sort, making everyone eligible for almost any kind of minority grant. There is bound to be a perfect minority grant for each person. What this means is that, every student will eventually need financial assistance in his college studies especially if academic requirements become more financially steep. Minority grants are one of the simplest ways to get aid without any repayment problems in the future.

Minority grants differ from minority scholarships mainly because, scholarships tend to award students aid based on their academic excellence. Grants, in general, look more on the financial need of the student, and will award the most financially needy student, regardless of the academic standing or status.

In essence, there are two kinds of minority grants, ethnic and non-ethnic. Ethnic minority grants are designed to offer assistance to people belonging to a specific ethnic minority, such as African Americans or Hispanics. Non-ethnic minority grants usually refer to grants that are given to women or to physically disadvantaged students.

African American grants have grown sharply and steadily over the last couple of years, indicating the increasing number of African Americans in the U.S. seeking for tertiary education. The United College Negro Fund or UNCF is the most extensive minority grant for African Americans ever, and is supporting over 50 African American colleges and universities.

As Hispanics are demographically few in the U.S., the number of minority grants for them are also proportionally little. However, the government is handing out $100 million to help Hispanic students go to schools, and today, Hispanics are supported by the government now more than ever.

Asians is the fastest growing minority group in the country and as such, the number of minority grants for Asians are increasing exponentially, as well. The most popular Asian minority grant is the Luisa Mallari Fellowship Grant, allowing Asian students to study neighboring countries.

Other kinds of minority grants involve Native American grants, grants for women, and grants for the physically handicapped. Although they are all different grants, the method of applying and the requirements of eligibility are almost the same for each grant.