Nursing Grants: Encouraging Students to Take Up The Nursing Profession

In America, nursing is a much underrepresented profession, with very high demand but very few people to ever take up a nursing career.  There is not enough manpower to go around, and people rather would become doctors than nurses, which is why there are not enough nurses in the country.

In turn, the government has taken measure to encourage people to take up nursing as a career. The first and the most important measure is the proliferation of nursing grants all over the country, especially in the states that are underserved in terms of medical assistance. In fact, there are lots and lots of nursing grants that are targeted to different classes, races and genders of students. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, division of Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) has listed these few nursing grants that you may find enticing if you are looking for a nursing scholarship yourself:

Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students – If you are financially in need and your family may not be able to support you with your tertiary education, this federally funded program may be a good choice for you. There range of specialties supported by this grant is wide, so it’s highly probable that your specialty of choice is covered. You can apply for this federal grant through your school’s financial aid office.

Nursing Scholarship Program – This program annually gives an exact number of 200 grants to lucky nurses throughout the country. In truth, this is one of the more prestigious scholarship grants in the country. In turn, after graduating, the grantees must work for at least 2 years in very needy health care institutions that will be selected for them. The scholarship does not spare a dime for its recipients – not only does it cover the entire tuition fees and other expenses, it also provides for a monthly stipend of $1000.

State-funded Grants for Nursing Students – All states offer various nursing grants for eligible students, and the usual standards – financial need, academic excellence – are still enforced to determine eligibility. One of the more notable states for nursing grants is Florida, which is noted for very powerful nursing programs. North Carolina also awards 400 recipients of the Nurse Scholars Program, which is a merit-based award.

Grants for Minority Nursing Students – The nurse manpower of the country is precipitously falling, and for that the government has made measures to ensure that everyone, including the minorities, will be given the chance to become a nurse. Scholarship opportunities and nursing grants are given to Native Americans, and also international students.